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Glass Pool Fencing

Although pool fencing is all about safety, it doesn’t have to be boring or an eyesore, in fact the right pool fencing can improve the look of your pool – that is where glass pool fencing Brisbane based specialists can

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

All you need to know when considering frameless glass pool fencing. If you are building a pool and considering frameless glass pool fencing, you have come to the right place. Frameless glass pool fences are steadily rising in popularity in

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Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium pool fencing is the tried and tested pool fencing solution.  It has withstood the test of time when it comes to pool safety and is no doubt a safe and secure option.  Aluminium pool fencing has some clear advantages

When it comes to pool fencing Brisbane deserves the best!

At Local Pool Fencing we believe passionately in this statement, as such we have a clear purpose to assist in the selection and installation of quality pool fencing Brisbane families need. Are you in the market for pool fencing for your new pool or perhaps you need to update tired or non-compliant pool fencing? Whatever your need, we are here to help and have a solution to suit your pool surrounds, budget and personal taste.

It seems impossible to remember a time when pools were not fenced, but that used to very much be the case. Thankfully pool fencing is today required law and comes in a variety of options.  The protection of your family and visitors around your pool is no longer simply a choice of one type of fencing with limited colour options, but rather a variety of fencing choices available all made from different materials and using different techniques that can add a touch of style to your pool area.  The right pool fence choice can improve the look of your pool surrounds and even your whole property.

At Local Pool Fencing we strive to offer our customers great value pool fencing solutions that suit the aesthetics of the pool area you have. We offer the latest fence innovations and will respond to your query for pricing and product information quickly and efficiently. We service the complete wider Brisbane Metropolitan area whether you are located close to the inner city or in a new estate further out on the fringe of the city. We can organise for a specialist to contact you with a quote to suit your pool fencing needs, Click here to request a quote …

While fencing your pool is a matter of mandatory compliance to Qld Government law, at its heart it is all about safety and keeping loved ones safe – especially little ones who cannot yet swim confidently. As a pool owner, pool fencing and pool safety mean peace of mind. One thing you may not realise is that if you already have pool fencing, it must be inspected every two years to ensure compliance and functional effectiveness. We can help organise cost effective pool certification visits our qualified inspectors can inspect your pool surrounds to ensure they remain safe, click here to find out more about pool safety certification for existing pool areas.

In the world of pool fencing there are typically two main types of pool fence construction material:

1. Aluminium and Steel Fences– These fences are usually made from vertical tubular steel or aluminium that is housed between upper and lower rail bars. Click here to find out more:

2. Safety Glass Fences – Safety glass fences have grown immensely in popularity over the last few decades and come in different forms including framed, semi frameless and frameless. They are typically held in place posts and spigots which come in a variety of different designs and varieties. Click here to find out more about glass pool fencing.

We sometimes get asked if pool fence installation something people can do themselves?  If you are quite handy with tools it is possible to put in your own pool fencing. But why would you consider this when you must be able to understand and meet the regulations, interpret correctly height and perfect everything from gap heights to self-closing gate stipulations. Why put yourself at risk? Let us produce a competitive quote for you and put you in touch with our expert pool fence installers. You don’t have to worry at all, let us help – it’s what we do. So, for local pool fencing Brisbane kids can be protected that which is both simple to organise and safe, look no further than your local pool group. We would love to take this worry off your mind and make this process easy, contact us now for a competitive quote and more information…..


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