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frameless glass pool fencing.

If you are building a pool and considering frameless glass pool fencing, you have come to the right place. Frameless glass pool fences are steadily rising in popularity in Brisbane as they add a stylish touch to your pool side area. They are particularly popular in elevated blocks where views need to be maximised and unimpeded, or when a clean crisp pool surrounds area that enhances the backyard is desired.

So what is frameless glass pool fencing? Frameless Glass pool fences are held in place using special steel spigots. The spigots provide a solid support base at ground level to hold the safety glass panels firmly in place. When the panels are installed it creates an uninterrupted glass fence that is visually stunning and enhances the pool area. The toughened safety glass panels have joins that are polished for a fantastic finish.

Frameless glass fencing continues to grow in popularity for a couple of main reasons – it is quicker and easier to install and it creates a superior end result in terms of uninterrupted viewing. Indeed clean glass panels can almost appear invisible from a distance. Glass fence panels are made of a toughen safety glass much stronger than normal window glass.

The cost of frameless glass pool fencing can vary quite a bit depending on the size of the project and the quality and thickness of the glass and materials used. Costs can range from $300 – $600 per linear metre making this form of pool fencing the most expensive on the market. Whilst expensive, this type of pool fencing excels in offering a sleek and stylish finish that enhances the visual aesthetics of your pool area.

Frameless glass pool fences suit most homes and pool surrounds, but are particularly well suited to pools that are elevated and offer great views. If you have a home that is your pride and joy and has involved a sizeable build budget, then a frameless glass pool fence is the obvious way to achieve a great pool fence that complements the rest of your property.

What are the key advantages to frameless glass pool fencing?

–        Relatively quick to install.

–        The clear glass panels can better blend into the pool area.

–        Clean clear glass panels give you an even better view of all that is happening in the pool from outside the pool area.

–        No Frames mean cleaning is easier and insects/spiders have less places to hide.

What are the important things to be aware of if I choose frameless glass pool fencing?

–        The main disadvantage is the higher cost of this type of fencing.

–        For best results regular glass cleaning is usually required.


As mentioned frameless glass pool panels don’t have the supporting posts that usual glass pool fencing panels do.  They are held securely in place using metal spigots, which provide a solid base for the glass panels to sit in. Installation should only be done professional installers such as our team, because correct installation is fundamental to a safe pool environment. The Australian standard is very specific about pool fencing regulations and an expert installer will ensure your pool fence complies with all the necessary requirements.

frameless glass pool fencing page picKey considerations

Frameless glass pool fencing offers uninterrupted viewing of your pool area and surrounds. As mentioned this can be important where your house block offers stunning views, or has a high quality house build that demands a high quality pool fence to complete the stylish finish you are after.  Perhaps and most important of all, you want to keep a clear eye on those in the pool.  Whatever your motivation, frameless glass pool fence panels offer an unparalleled pool viewing experience whist still maintain the safety that is so critical and fundamental.  To find out how to get a quote for a frameless glass pool fence at your home, click here now.