Glass Pool Fencing

glass pool fencing Brisbane specialistsAlthough pool fencing is all about safety, it doesn’t have to be boring or an eyesore, in fact the right pool fencing can improve the look of your pool – that is where glass pool fencing Brisbane based specialists can help. Practicality does play a huge part in the type of pool fencing you ultimately chose, but it can have a big impact on the aesthetics of your outdoor entertaining area, so it does take some thought, calculating and investigating. That is where a glass pool fencing Brisbane based company can help.

What is glass pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing is constructed from solid panels of thick safety glass instead of the tradition aluminium pool fencing. With glass pool fencing there is the option of posts to connect and secure these panels in place or you can opt for the growing trend of frameless glass pool fencing.

Glass pool fencing is a great alternative to the ‘older style’ aluminium vertical pool fencing most adults grew up with (most of which were restricted to coloured green, beige or even black panels). Now even glass pool fencing in itself has options, mostly as to the colour of the frames, base support but also to the colour and treatment on the glasses. The options available may feel overwhelming at first, but it allows a good solution for all applications and to suit everyone.

Why should I choose glass pool fencing for my pool area?

glass pool fencing Brisbane specialistsThere is no doubt that glass pool fencing is the popular choice these days, in fact the ‘choice’ is usually just a choice between framed glass or frameless glass, why is this? Glass pool fencing offers you all the safety you need and want for your family but without feeling like a makeshift jail or blocking a good percentage of your view both in and out of the pool.

Glass pool fencing allows give you an almost unrestricted view into the pool area from outside it, which can only aid in the safety of all those using the pool area. When in the pool area, glass fencing helps you keep more engaged with those outside the pool as well as give you a spacious relaxing feel aluminium fencing simply can’t do, especially in smaller pool areas.

Now if your pool is close to your outdoor entertaining, has a view close or simply is in an odd spot, then glass pool fencing is almost a must. Glass pool fencing allows an almost clear view in, out and around the pool area, giving you an open spacious feel, therefore combating the problematic components of the area.

Are there any cons to consider with glass pool fencing?

As perfect as glass pool fencing for your area sounds, there are two things to note. Glass pool fencing is more expensive to purchase and install than aluminium pool fencing. The other thing to consider is that glass pool fencing does need more cleaning than aluminium pool fencing, but well worth the little extra effort and cost for the visual effect glass pool fencing brings your pool and entertainment area. Especially living in Queensland, when we tend to live in our outdoor entertainment areas for many months of the year.

All things considered is glass pool fencing for me?

glass pool fencing Brisbane specialistsUltimately the decision is yours, there is no right or wrong. Finding the balance between achieving a visually pleasing result and keeping within a budget is ultimately the challenge. If your budget isn’t tight or if you aren’t really trying to keep to one, than glass pool fencing is for sure the popular choice and for good reason. It offers all the safety to give you and your family peace of mind as well as enhancing the outdoor living aspect of having a pool, and after all isn’t that the point?

You build a pool for enjoyment and to improve you and your family’s quality of life, so if possible avoid placing an aluminium fence around it and opt for glass. Whether framed or frameless glass pool fencing is sure to help you make the most of your enjoyment of your new pool. We are specialised in glass pool fencing Brisbane based, and will travel through South East Queensland to service our client’s pool fencing needs, contact us today.