aluminium pool fencing brisbaneAluminium pool fencing is the tried and tested pool fencing solution.  It has withstood the test of time when it comes to pool safety and is no doubt a safe and secure option.  Aluminium pool fencing has some clear advantages over the modern options of glass variations with the biggest of course being cost.

Aluminium pool fencing is traditionally pre-made panels of fencing made from aluminium which when installed is attached to aluminium posts between each of the panels. The panels are typically made from tubular upright bars vertically positioned and looped at the top and joined a horizontal rails running across the top and the bottom.  There are other designs also that have flat or spiked tops with vertical tube bars welded top and bottom to the horizontal panels as well.  There are variations to these of course, but these are the most popular designs. Constructed of aluminium this pool fencing option assures you of a long lasting and rust free solution to ensuring the safety around your swimming pool.

Now besides the obviously cost aspect, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the best type of pool fencing for your needs.  Expected up keep, location of your property, shape and lineal metres to cover are all contributing factors which can help you decide on aluminium fencing, or not.

Take a moment and consider how the following points work in your backyard pool area before making the decision of either glass or aluminium for your swimming pool.

Does Aluminium Pool Fencing Suit Your Needs?

1.      Budget – Aluminium is a clear choice for cost effective pool fencing.  Not only in purchasing the panels but in installation.  In fact in a basic comparison it would be fair to say that aluminium fencing panels can be less than half the cost of glass pool fencing panels to purchase and are considerably cheaper to install. Not to mentioned less risk in breakage at the installation stage.

2.      Colour Scheme – Although most people think of the traditional colour options in aluminium pool fencing from the 80’s and 90’s of beige, green and black, today there are actually loads of colours options to choose from.  In fact there is bound to be at least one that works well with your backyard and pool.

3.      Up Keep – Now glass pool fencing is definitely popular these days but do keep in mind glass pool fencing does require some cleaning and upkeep.  Aluminium requires barely any attention if at all, sure the occasional hose or basic clean may be something you do from time to time, but more often than not it’s an install and forget for most of the summer.  You wont notice the water marks anywhere near like you would on glass pool fencing.

4.      Rural Areas – Aluminium is a popular choice for bigger properties, allowing not only a larger pool area for entertaining and play because of the cost, but also because you aren’t limited to space glass isn’t needed as much to ensure a view of visual restriction is an issue.

5.      Area Surrounding The Pool – Aluminium is a good option for pool areas adjacent to grassed or open yard areas, particularly rural ones, as there is always the risk of the mower flicking up a rock or such and causing damage if the pool fence is glass.  But if its aluminium you would barely notice it even if it does it – which is less likely because of all the open space in the fence panel.  So again maintenance and up keep with aluminium is a clear winner.

aluminium pool fencing brisbaneAt the end of the day choosing the right pool fence for your situation generally comes down to your personal requirements.  We would recommend if budget and upkeep are high on your priorities for your swimming pool then look no further than aluminium pool fencing, it’s the clear choice for you.  If neither of those issues are a priority then you have a huge range of choices available to you – take a look into glass pool fencing and frameless glass pool fencing with us also. 

Regardless of your choice, you know you will be in safe hands with us as the experts in local pool fencing in the great South East, contact our team today for any questions you have, we are always happy to help.